Tamikan Space Gal Ife
Tamikan Space Gal basic skin tones
Tamikan Space Gal measures
Tamikan Space Gal breast types
Tamikan Space Gal breast types
Tamikan Space Gal legs types
Basic hands of Tamikan Space Gals
Basic hands of Tamikan Space Gals
Tamikan Space Gal Ife, Savanna, Steppe and Albino faceplatesTamikan Space Gal IfeTamikan Space Gal IfeTamikan Space Gal Ife
Tamikan Space Gal IfeTamikan Space Gal IfeTamikan Space Gal IfeTamikan Space Gal Ife
Tamikan Space Gal IfeTamikan Space Gal IfeTamikan Space Gal IfeTamikan Space Gal Ife

Tamikan Space Gal is a 40 cm (less than 16") ball-jointed doll cast of polyurethane resin. Her eye sockets fit 6 mm diameter eyes. This page is dedicated to the second mould named Ife.

The doll costs $460. Eyes of random colour and additional high-heel feet and hands for change of clothes are shipped with each doll. We take at least 30% prepayment plus full accessories cost via PayPal. Upon recieving it, we begin to process the order. The production takes 2–3 months, and then the doll is shipped after we recieve the rest of the payment together with postal fee that is not included in the price. If you don't answer our messages and don't buy out your doll for a month from the time when we informed you that it is ready, we consider ourselves free to sell it elsewhere, in this case the prepayment is not returned (we can once produce a new doll instead of the sold one, but it will take another 2–3 months).

To place an order, please, fill the form below, we will prepare your invoice and answer in the course of two weekdays.

Choose a desired colour:

Please, notice that the mediterranean colour is now darker than the one in the picture to the left: that is, darker than steppe and lighter than tropical one!

Order options:

Which hands and feet do you need?(one set is included into the basic price, each extra one adds $50)
Please, notice, that each set consists of basic hands and two pairs of feet; only one pair of hands for changing of clothes is included, in the main chosen doll skin tone.




Choose a breast type: *

Please, notice that only faceplates, hands and feet of our gals are easily changeable. Replacing other body or limbs parts may require doll restringing!

Choose a body bottom kind:

This time only fashion legs are available.
Additional cost for the forearms and calves is counted by complex formula depending on your choice, starting from zero for only human ones and up to $220 for both human and cyber sets.



Which kind of cyborg parts do you prefer?

Additional requests:
For example, write if you have special requests for a face make-up or body blushing of your doll. Or you can remind us if you have bought someone from us in the course of the year–to get 10% discount! (Please, note, that different discounts donʼt sum up, and that regular customers discount is applied only to the whole doll with body orders, not to just head or faceplate ones!

The way to address you.


E-mail: *
Weʼll email you shortly on preorder and prepay details.

Please, enter you e-mail once more: *

 Estimated value: $???
It isnʼt recalculated dynamically!
Shipping fee is added separately!
We will check and determine the excact sum taking in account your extra wishes and applying the discount if available.

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If you have any questions or problems while filling or submitting the order form, please, donʼt hesitate to write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Please, take into account that actual products may have slight differences in colour, and pictures colours may vary on different monitors.

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