Tamikan Space project is dedicated to a fictional universe by Timur Zeleev aka Nothing Sapiens. It was disscussed with and so hugely influenced by Timurʼs father, Helirich, apan234, Kessan, Angry Cutie and many others.

Tamikan [thammikao] is a last name of a character who is the main narrator of the story. This word is from a fictional language named Vangar-tari, the language of Vangar folk. It means “moth butterfly”, a butterfly species unknown on Earth, believed by Vangar to be a guide of souls. This is also one of the fourteen Vangar clan names. Laya Tamikan was one of the travelers who visited many Connected Worlds mostly as an observer and a tourist.

By this moment, weʼve launched the production of several Tamikan Space humanoid aliens: Aua, Hybrid and Grey Gal, of several human Tamikan Space Gals (including cyborg girls, but this first generation is already dicontinued now), Pet Tardigrade (with TinyTardie cubs!) and a line of smaller alien “robotic” mascots, One Little Alien and Reptiloid.

Tamikan Space resin inhabitants are approximately of 1:4 scale.

And as you might have guessed, weʼve got the more or less developed stories for all our characters and species, e.g. Aua is an alien race with a bio-technologies-oriented civilisation, it is due to them that humans can keep genetically modified tardigrades as pets. But current crises on Earth affected our lives gravely and we had to postpone our plans to reveal and develop this universeʼs history properly, so currently thereʼre only bits of it in the galleries and our Instagram accounts.

If You have any questions about the project, please, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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