Tamikan Space One Little Reptiloid
Tamikan Space One Little Reptiloidʼs modelKrypton Little Reptiloid and Mars Little AlienEmilcin Little ReptiloidGorn Little Reptiloid
Gorn Little ReptiloidEmilcin and Gorn Little ReptiloidsGorn Little ReptiloidEmilcin Little Reptiloid
Tamikan Space One Little Reptiloid
Tamikan Space One Little Reptiloid

One Little Alien is a polyurethane resin ball-jointed doll, a bit more than 13 cm (less than 5,5") tall. Its eye sockets fit 8 mm diameter eyes. It has magnets in its hands and feet, a magnetic point for accessories attachment and comes with a rotating detachable tail.

We donʼt take orders for these dolls at the moment.

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